Drupal Site Management

Utilizing the Pantheon platform, Academic Affairs IT creates, maintains, and develops university websites that are readily identifiable and consistent with the UCSB campus Web Theme.  

Academic Affairs Information Technology https://aait.ucsb.edu  
Audit & Advisory Services https://audit.ucsb.edu  
Chancellor's Staff Advisory Council https://csac.ucsb.edu  
Community Housing Authority https://cha.ucsb.edu TBD
ESTEEM - Enhancing Success in Transfer Education for Engineering Majors https://esteem.ucsb.edu  
Finance & Resource Management https://farm.ucsb.edu  
Office of Budget & Planning http://bap.ucsb.edu In Progress
Office of Education Partnerships http://oep.ucsb.edu In Queue
Office of Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Prevention http://eodp.ucsb.edu In Queue
Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment / Title IX Compliance https://oeosh.ucsb.edu In Queue
Office of Strategic Asset Management https://sam.ucsb.edu In Progress
Office of the Chancellor https://chancellor.ucsb.edu  
Office of the CIO https://cio.ucsb.edu  
Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor https://evc.ucsb.edu  
Office of the Ombuds https://ombuds.ucsb.edu  
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion http://diversity.ucsb.edu  
Office of Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy Compliance https://titleix.ucsb.edu  
Sexual Violence Prevention & Response http://sexualviolence.ucsb.edu In Queue
Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus https://tobaccofree.ucsb.edu  
Threat Management Team https://tmt.ucsb.edu