With both the state of California and the UCSB campus responses to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) developments, more users are finding themselves in need of remote work arrangements.  As such, Academic Affairs IT has compiled this page of information, links, and materials.

Campus COVID-19 Updates and Communications

Remote Work and Flexible Work Arrangements

What do I need for Remote Work?

To start, you will need a computer, a high-speed internet connection, and VPN software.  Please see the AAIT Guide for Remote Work Access.  In the guide you will find helpful tips for things like:

  • How to access your email, files, or chat with your colleagues within the Connect G Suite environment.
  • How to install the necessary VPN software to connect from your home machine to the campus network.
  • How to install and configure your remote desktop connection to connect to your office machine.

How do I access my work files?

Most of the units supported by AAIT have recently completed the transition of office files (previously stored on file servers) to Google My Drive and Google Shared drives.  Users can now access files from their home machines via a browser.  

For users needing to download or store university documents, files, or information, please do the following from a university machine:

  • Connect to the campus network via the campus VPN software - PulseSecure.
  • Remotely access a work machine through the remote desktop app.

Instructions and information regarding remotely connecting to campus can be found in the AAIT Guide for Remote Work Access.

What about security?  Are there concerns regarding working remotely that I should be aware of?

Yes.  Please see the Information Security Reminders for Remote Work page here.

How can I stay connected with my colleagues?

There are many ways to stay connected while everyone is working remotely:

  • Email - You can access your work email from just about any internet-connected computer.
  • Chat - Google (Hangouts) Chat offers a great instant messaging platform that is included with your Connect G Suite account; login with your UCSBnetID@ucsb.edu and password.
  • Video - Be it through Zoom or Google Meet, you can use your webcam or mobile devices to talk to and see others over these conferencing apps.

Last Updated March 30, 2020

Need Help?

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